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Subject: FLASH: Caching swf's - what's the deal?
From: Thomas Moeller
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2000 08:50:44 GMT

Yep, I know this has been discussed before, although I haven't been able to
dig into my files or find any kind of a list database. What *is* exactly
the deal with caching and Flash? My problem seems to revolve around the
"load movie" command. It seems a standard html file serves as the
translater to the whole mess, and that if I have one main swf, the file
will be cached, and upon return will auto load, etc...but with multiple
swf's it is just reloading the entire swf for me right now - my site i'm
close to being done with has individual "load movie" sections that are
around anywhere from 50k to 120k individually. i really need to utilize the
powers of caching if possible. can anyone help a brotha out?

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