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Subject: Re: Subject: FLASH: Site CHeck www.aurorainformationsystems.com
From: Darren Critchley
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2000 18:51:40 GMT

Eva Isabel/E Graphics wrote:

> Hi Darren
> Checked your site on 28.8 modem and the preloader works fine. But it took
> around 25 secs. to appear and in my opinion that is a lot, if you consider
> it is only the main screen and there is no additional information there to
> see. I think that bitmap on the background is the responsable.
> Hope this helps.
> Eva

Hi Eva, thanks for looking. It is not the graphics fault, that only adds about
12k to the whole thing. The problem is the host server I have chosen. The
complete SWF is only 55k with a 2k HTML page, I have ADSL and the whole thing
should load in about 1/2 of a second for me. However I see the preloader as
well for a second, and so has a cable modem user.
This is something that I hadn't counted on, finding slow servers out there,
it's a contingency that you can't really test for. You can spend all the time
in the world creating a great flash site, with cool preloaders, but if it sits
on a slow server you will lose you audience.


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  Re: Subject: FLASH: Site CHeck, Eva Isabel/E Graphics

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