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Subject: Re: FLASH: Site Check Puzzle Game
From: Cheri Harder
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2000 20:14:59 GMT

Could you set your drag-movie-clip "constrain to rectangle" parameters to
the edges of the movie, or somewhat inside those edges, thus preventing them
from dragging outside?

Neat puzzle, by the way!

~~~~Cheri Harder~~~~~
charderatawsolution [dot] com
Advantage Web Solution
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From: "Laura Mollett" <lmollettatmindspring [dot] com>
To: <flasheratchinwag [dot] com>
Sent: Saturday, February 26, 2000 12:17 PM
Subject: Re: FLASH: Site Check Puzzle Game

> > The problem you mentioned is the one I described in my mail. Have no
> > how to solve it. It always appears, if the mouse leaves the stage and/or
> > browser window. Flash doesn´t seem to get infomation about
mouse-position if
> > the mouse is outside stage.
> Hi again Kalle,
> Oh I see, you hafta pick up the piece and immediately move it the wrong
> direction off stage... then if you let go if it, it follows the mouse
> instead of snapping back. Clicking drops it wherever it is. (I kind of
> that you can place the pieces wrong - it makes the game harder. But I see
> that isn't your intention :) Could you set all the edge pixels of the
> to release the piece to snap back where it belongs? That is, if the user
> heading off-stage, the piece snaps into place and doesn't go along? (Don't
> know if this can be done, I haven't done a lot with drag and drop and
> position yet.. still working on the last few bugs in mah-jonng :)
> Laura

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  Re: FLASH: Site Check Puzzle Game, Laura Mollett

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