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Subject: FLASH: Upset about bad review for shockwave/flash posting
From: webboard
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000 02:35:50 GMT

Now I'm really miffed about this. I spent a lot of time making a Shockwave
web site for a customer (broadcasting radio customer) because that's what
they demanded, and now one of their EMPLOYEES put up their own website to
compete with me and is giving Shockwave/Flash a very bad name.

Am I the only one who is running into this problem? What is the proper
"business" way of handling something like this?

To give you an idea of the customer we are dealing with, another one of
their employees has taken our codes and told his boss that he built the site.

We are going to lose the contract because the whole mess and it was their
company that screwed up.

Any suggestions? The message on the site really bothers me and it bothers
me even more that one of their employees did it.

Should I have posted the site URL for her to be educated on the facts about
shockwave or just leave this alone and mark it up as experience? I've
never run into a nightmare customer before where their employees sabatoge
the contract and their boss allows it and the sites are taken away. We had
4 of their sites, all of which were to be done in Shockwave, 3 are completed.

So as to not give that person hits to her site and make her counter go up,
and hurt her reputation/and the radio station, I will post what it says here:



The latest web site technology is great for web browsers that can view it.
But what about your customers whose browsers can't view java scripting? or
shockwave animation made with flash? or even frame pages?

A high-tech web site viewed in a lower-tech browser creates a
disappointing image of your organization -- and that is even worse than
wasting your money.

At (deliberately removed company name) we create web sites that look great
no matter how they are viewed. And when your web site looks good . . . YOU
look good!

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