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Subject: FLASH: FlashZone.org *vs.* flashzone.com -- you be the judge!
From: unique
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000 02:54:28 GMT

Sorry for the long FWD but I feel that this deserves to be posted in
unsnipped form, as David Emberton gives much to the Flash Community.

Ken Sherwood

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>Subject: FlashZone.org - Win an Apple iBook Special Edition!
>From: "David J. Emberton" <davidatflashzone [dot] org>
>To: <fzexpressatflashzone [dot] org>
>Status: U
>Dear FlashZone.org Member,
>Please take a moment to read through this important newsletter. It contains
>valuable information about our new web address, our brand new SearchPane
>service, and the quirky Own the Zone game that gives you the chance to win
>an iBook portable computer.
>1. ORG or COM? How to tell the real FlashZone from the fake
>2. Announcing SearchPane
>3. Play 'Own The Zone' and Win an iBook!
>Read on to get the low-down...
>- - - - - -
>ORG or COM? How to tell the real FlashZone from the fake
>Two weeks ago, FlashZone fell victim to a sophisticated hack attack
>instigated by the new registrant of the flashzone.com domain name. Using
>instant messaging technology, the company was able to assume the identity of
>FlashZone's coordinator, David J. Emberton, and obtain the server password
>from our site administrator during the course of a conversation.
>Later, the company used that password to infiltrate the FlashZone web
>server, remove its contents and republish them with altered copyright labels
>at a new location. Since the incident occurred, FlashZone has worked
>vigorously to finalize a licensing agreement which would make the
>redistribution of our content at flashzone.com legal, unfortunately with
>little success.
>As a result of events over the past fortnight, we've taken an important
>first step and decided to permanently rebrand our website as FlashZone.org,
>in keeping with our new main address. We regret the inconvenience this
>change may cause, but hope you will enjoy the enhancements that our newfound
>independence will bring.
>How to spot the fake: At the time of this newsletter being sent,
>FlashZone.com continues to point to an illegitimate copy of our website. We
>strongly urge you to boycott this duplicate copy, taking care to use the
>authentic FlashZone.org address whenever possible. We appreciate that this
>may be a little confusing since both sites are nearly identical, so we've
>added a special "dot.ORiGinal" graphic to the logo on each of our pages.
>Furthermore, we will continue to seek a formal resolution of the situation
>and keep you informed via this mailing list. On behalf of all of us here at
>FlashZone, thank you for your continued support and patronage of our site
>during this transition period.
>- - - - - -
>Announcing SearchPane
>To coincide with our relocation to FlashZone.org, we're unveiling our brand
>new SearchPane service that allows you to integrate a specialized Flash
>resource search engine into your site, without interrupting the user
>experience. We've integrated SearchPane across our site, and its especially
>easy to implement it on your sites as well. In fact, its as easy as linking
>to http://flashzone.org/search/index.html
>When your users click on the SearchPane link, they won't even leave your
>site. Instead, SearchPane appears in a compact area to the left of the page
>that activated it. SearchPane is unique in that it indexes HTML documents,
>plus SWF and PDF files to maximize access to resources across the Flash
>developer network.
>Please note that since this is a new service, there are likely to be a few
>minor bugs to work out. If you experience any problems using the service,
>please email davidatflashzone [dot] org for a prompt response.
>- - - - - -
>Play 'Own The Zone' and Win an iBook!
>To show that we haven't lost our sense of humor, we decided to take a
>light-hearted approach to combating piracy with the 'Own The Zone' contest.
>The object of Own The Zone is to come up with a story in 250 words or less,
>explaining that YOU are in fact the rightful owner of FlashZone and how that
>came to be. The funniest and most outlandish tale will win its author a
>sweeet Apple iBook Special Edition, in sleek graphite colors with built-in
>wireless network capabilities.
>Check out our current home page for more details on how to enter.
>- - - - - -
>Message from the Editor
>Well, what a month February has been! Despite our somewhat unfortunate
>Valentine's Day gift from Fusion Incorporated, its certainly been a busy
>time for us. Now that we have our new address to work from, we'll be more
>active than ever in bringing you the best in free resources, as well as
>exclusive discounts and offers from more-magic.com, the companion
>subscription service for Flash 4 Magic.
>Until next time, happy flashing, and be sure to enter the Own The Zone
>contest! We'll definitely get a kick out of reading your entries, and the
>funniest ones will be posted at flashzone.org for everyone to appreciate :-)
>David J. Emberton
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"Adobe, who has deeper pockets than Macromedia, has announced a Flash
competitor. Will Macromedia survive?"

-- hwg-theory list contributor, 2000.02.12

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