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Subject: update: Re: FLASH: Upset about bad review for shockwave/flash posting
From: webboard
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000 03:53:22 GMT

>if you goto file> publish settings> flash you can check the box that says
>protect from import.. well on flash 4 i know of

The codes are protected, and it's in the contract that I own the codes.
The problem is not that. I can fight that. But I do love the comment
about hiding the invisible text. That's clever!

What i didn't put in the contract is that their employees cannot trash
Shockwave or compete against us! The stolen codes were made right by me.
I made sure the person was exposed for the theft. However; he was
promoted... to what? system admin. Go figure.

I don't know how to write a contract, that's what it's going to boil down
to. I'm obviously a naive business woman that didn't do a good job coming
up with a contract. I would sure appreciate it if anyone can help me.

Wasn't there a site someone mentioned that shows how to set up contracts
which specifically covered art/flash? I never took the time to go look.
My loss.

Worse than this; our contract was set up to trade advertising, not cash.
Our company was suppose to get all the referals for web sites. Today I
learned why we have gotten no contracts from the trade. The very 2 ppl
that handle all referals are the same two employees that put up the website
to compete for web pages. One is the DJ, the other is the one who stole my
codes. Both have opened their own web design businesses.

Please tell me this is not new and needs to be put in a contract? Who ever
heard of your client's employees going into business and taking the
referals? Talk about a contract from down below!

I will write 500 times on the blackboard.....

Next time cover all areas in your contract... next time cover all areas in
your contract........

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  Re: FLASH: Upset about bad review for sh, SteveM319

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