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Subject: RE: FLASH: goto and play
From: Crystal Martin
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000 11:26:14 GMT

Hi Laura and Brian,
First, thanks so much for trying to help me. The problem was all of my
own making. I told the button to "Go to and Play ("play_shape"), and
then named the frame "play shape" (minus the under-line... doh! In 4
hours I never found it! Perhaps I should make a feature request for a
warning when the program can't find the defined frame/movie/etc... (ha!
you can tell I work for a software development company!).

Laura, FYI, I did give your suggestion a go before I found the problem,
but it wouldn't have worked as I kept getting the warning, "You may only
have one "goto" action per block". Oh well, chalk it up to a very long
and drawn-out learning experience. Thanks again!

> ---Original Message-----
> From: Laura Mollett [SMTP:lmollettatmindspring [dot] com]
> Sent: 26 February 2000 18:59
> To: flasheratchinwag [dot] com
> Subject: Re: FLASH: goto and play
> Begin Tell Target ("_level0")
> Go to and Play ("play_shape")
> Go to and Stop ("Begin")
> End Tell Target

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