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Subject: FLASH: Re: Scrollable, Selectable Text
From: Neal Cabage
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000 11:00:14 GMT

Well, I guess a final question on the topic (if anyone could please spare a
moment) is this: How would you anticipate the following
scrollable/selectable area was achieved?


My first guess is that it's a movie floating on top of another movie, and the
pixel by pixel location of that movie is being altered with the scroll bar via
tell_target or something.

Any thoughts?


Oh, and John - thanks for the info. Regarding Generator, I wasn't meaning to
bash it - just looking for someone to confirm/dispell some concerns that I
have heard sited before. Don't really know if there's anything to them or
not. All part of my attempt to gather information about our options, prior
to starting a project. ;-)

John Dowdell wrote:

> At 6:48 AM 2/25/0, Neal Cabage wrote:
> > Is there some way to either track the selected line of text of
> > return the text the user has chosen or something?
> I'm not sure how this discussion verged into Generator-bashing, but for
> "How can I detect which text the user clicked on?" then the easiest way to
> is use multiple text symbols and assign a unique action to each one.
> (iow, because there's not a "mouseLine" function as in Lingo, you may not
> wish to use a mouseline-ish approach.)
> For "How can I combine scrolling, and dynamic data, and the initiation of
> different actions depending on which text they click on?" then that gets
> more complex, and you'd probably be looking at mouse location comparisons
> in ActionScript.
> jd
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