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Subject: Re: FLASH: _droptarget question
From: Frank Joerdens
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000 13:20:55 GMT

Well, cheers, got it to work finally like you suggested after lotsa
struggling with weird caching behaviour when testing this on the web
server (took me a while to realize that I actually had it working but
the browser still held the old version despite reload; in particular
netscape proves rather obstinate in this regard); also what's funny is
that you can't specify a _droptarget in _level0 as in

If (_droptarget eq "_level0/clip")
. . .

it won't respond to that but it *will* work if you specify the
droptarget in _level0 as in

If (_droptarget eq "/clip")

even when you're in _level1 or _level2 which strikes me as kind of

Thanks again,

On Wed, Feb 23, 2000 at 11:35:51AM +1030, Tim Walters wrote:
> First off, make sure that the red circle has an Instance name of "red.clip",
> not just it's name in the library (Instance name can be different here if
> you want). The instance name is what will be checked.
> Second, for 'triggered sounds', I like to use a seperate clip, in this case
> create a clip with these frames:
> Frame 1: Label=NoSound, Action=Stop, Sound=none
> Frame 2: Label=PlacedGood, Action=none, Sound=GoodSound.wav
> Frame 3: Lable=PlacedBad, Action=none, Sound=BadSound.wav
> Place it on the main timeline on it's own layer, Instance name "DropSound",
> with extra frames so it exists everywhere it is needed. I'll detail it's use
> below...
> Now, the blue circle is a MC with a button inside it, the button has actions
> for the Press and Release to handle the drag.. right?
> On (Press)
> Start Drag ("", lockcenter)
> Begin Tell Target ("/DropSound")
> Go to and Stop ("NoSound")
> End Tell Target
> End On
> On (Release, Release Outside)
> Stop Drag
> If (_droptarget eq "/red.clip")
> Begin Tell Target ("/DropSound")
> Go to and Stop ("PlacedGood")
> End Tell Target
> Else
> Trace ("Droptarget=" & _droptarget)
> Begin Tell Target ("/DropSound")
> Go to and Stop ("PlacedBad")
> End Tell Target
> End If
> End On
> Also, the method it uses to get the Drop target is the cursor, if the cursor
> (when released) is on any part of a movieclip, the topmost MC is the
> Droptarget (I think).
> Hope this helps!
> ---
> Tim Walters MVP
> Glasshouse101
> timatglasshouse101 [dot] com [dot] au

frank joerdens

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  FLASH: _droptarget question, Frank Joerdens
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