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Subject: Re: FLASH: Contracts
From: webboard
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000 14:00:20 GMT

count me in (as a business for dummies student) because you obviously don't
want me contributing to the making of a contract. I failed miserably but
will not make the same mistake again!

I can provide hosting/ftp if you don't already have one though.

Thanks very much for your help and concern. I've contacted my business
partner with a response from another member of the flash list and we will
definately re-do our contract as soon as I learn how to do one properly.

Specific things I'm looking for in a contract;

1. ownership of flash files
2. non-competition clause
3. who should have access to the web files
4. what if security is breached by employees of the client or client
5. domain ownership ( our company owns all of the radio station domains by
permission of the station owner. we did not do this out of greed or
misinforming our client about domain ownership.. do we have to give them
up?.. none of them are trademarked)
6. codes used without permission
7. Content provided by the client... what if it is not given to me in time
to meet the deadline. Who is at fault for not making the deadline and what
are the penalties?
8. What if the client keeps making drastic changes to the site, approves
the new changes, then later changes their mind again? I have redone one of
the radio stations 5 times because they keep changing their minds on the
looks they want.
9. How should a contract be written when more than one person will be
updating the site? The radio station personell blow away the sites when
they do updates and we have to fix it. (for free)

Colleen (entering flash contracts for dummies 101)

>| >
>| > Anyone want to join in ??
>| Good Idea. Really a good one. I can make the portuguese translation.
>| Let's make this a TRUE international resource. Other foreign (how can
>| one be foreign in the internet?) members may want to join it, right
>| people?
>| []'s

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