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Subject: Re: FLASH: importing avi files
From: Michael Penne
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000 22:43:59 GMT

Biggest problem with flash and streamline
vectorizing is that they also vectorize all the
little blocks left over from antialiasing the
graphics. If you don't aa the graphics, you get
tracings of all the little jags. You can optimize
the vectors after tracing, but this tends to
remove important detail as well. Higer end
vectorizing programs (such as those used in sign
making and other engineering apps.) intelligently
process the curves to produce cleaner vectors,
but unfortunatly, these are generally quite
expensive applications (in the 1-5k range!).
Streamline, IMHO produces worse looking and
larger vector tracings than does flash, though it
does have the benefit of batch processing.
Further, playing alot of complex vectors in a row
brings most computers to a screeching (if not
crashing) halt.

I've requested (and any others who TB might also)
that F5 include some sort of recordable actions
or batch processing, though (given the amazing
ability of sorenson and mpeg to compress video
files) the ability to embed linked media may be
an even better solution.

--- Helen Triolo <designerati-technica [dot] com> wrote:
> patrickfatbestweb [dot] net wrote:
> >
> > Helen,
> > You might want to consider feeding your
> exported .AVI frames through Adobe Streamline
> to
> > generate the vector graphics you need.
> >
> I think you're right, Patrick. I was wondering
> out loud (on another
> list) if buying/using Streamline would be a
> good idea--someone responded

Some of my tracings:
v. some of my sorenson compressed QTs:

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