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Subject: RE: Follow-Up RE: FLASH: FlashZone.org *vs.* flashzone.com -- you be the judge!
From: Michael J. Weldon
Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 02:37:12 GMT


First of all, thanks Tai for the information. When I first read of the
issue, I went to both sites and read everything I could about what
supposedly happened and, to be frank, came away still not knowing. I then
posted my first question to the list here about it. I suspect there was
some kind of "intellectual property ownership issue" at stake here. In
cases like this it's always best to hear both sides first before making any
judgment. I'll be very interested in seeing what fusion has to say about
all of this. Perhaps unique (aka Ken Sherwood) who first brought this
matter to our notice on this list might know more about it than he told us
last time, as well ?

dk, thank you too for the follow-up to my second question as well. I agree
that we should try very hard not to spread any mis-information here
therefore it would be good to hear from those that actually know.


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Subject: Re: Follow-Up RE: FLASH: FlashZone.org *vs.* flashzone.com --
you be the judge!

I wrote to the guys a fusion, and they have a rather different story to
what's written on flashzone.org...

they said they would be issuing a press release later today

Tai :)

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