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Subject: Re: FLASH: preload movie
From: Daniel Votino
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 18:52:41 GMT

hi kafka,

> is it possible to preload a flash movie which does not load as the
>first movie , but will later be load by the "level 0" swf in the same
>html document.

John taught many of us the great technique of "parking". Load your
movie and stop action it the first frame while loading your other layers and
continuing on with the parent movie. When you are ready for the movie to
continue, tell target "_level*" from one of your other levels. This should
achevie what you are after.

I have a curent movie that I need to make sure one swf is loaded beforehand
so I stop the level0 during preload and Load Movie level1, than I do an "if
frame loaded" at level1 so when it sees that it has completed itself it tell
targets the parent movie to then continue. When I want to use the level1
movie, I know it is loaded and ready because it has been pre loaded and
"parked" ready.


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  Re: FLASH: preload movie, kafka

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