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Subject: Re: FLASH: flash 5 wish
From: Laura Mollett
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2000 14:39:51 GMT

>> * compiler that links often used files (like wavs and big gfx)
>> so that testing every runs faster...
> Or, get a bigger Level II cache on your machine.
It links them anyways, (you can update in photoshop for example and just
choose "update" from the graphic menu thing) so why should it hold them in
memory too and make a mess of the memory? I don't know what it is with flash
and memory management, but it's even worse than photoshop. Does it use a
scratch disk and switch out or just try and hold everything in its own

My own wish list:
The ability to do lighting effects in Flash (gradiants and bitmap fills are
cool, but you hafta use a lot to get the effect right).

Import and export midis so I can have background music without these huge
wavs/aiffs. (a less than 30 sec wav or aiff is 4 or 5 megs, so all you can
do is repeat 15 sec clips or end up with huge files).

Import as well as export mp3s... I don't if flash compression is better; I
can't hold all this on my computer.

Synchronizing the sound layer with the other layers so the number of frames
for how long the sound takes to play is indicated. (A one second sound
should take 12 frames).

Better memory management overall. A "flatten" or "purge" command or
something to get rid of all the things you no longer need to save. When
you're done making your animation or your drawing, you don't need the paths
anymore, and all those lines that you end up deleting (ever hand trace
something in flash and start deleting pieces one by one? there's thousands
of little lines.) I know it flattens all the layers when it exports it as an
swf, but you need some way to do that in the fla to the parts you don't need
anymore so you can keep on working on the file without it getting so huge.

I don't really want flash to become either director or illustrator because
I'm afraid I won't be able to use it anymore if it gets any more complicated
:) (I like the drawing tools in flash *better* than illustrator - so if they
improve them to the more complex options, I hope they leave the choice to
use it the way it is now :) something like photoshop actions would be nice
for those of us not so great at coding :)

Laura Mollett

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