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From: Laura Mollett
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2000 18:44:01 GMT

> Each movie has a stop action as part of the
> individual movie clip. Everything is in the library. I have taken those
> movie clips and put them on separate layers within the main scene (scene 1)
> I merely want each movie clip to play in order, first one then movie clip
> two and onto clip3. I have put each clip in one keyframe--movie clip 1 in
> keyframe 1, movie clip 2 in keyframe 2 etc... When I test the movie nothing
> happens.
You need to use tell target to tell your movie clips when to start playing.
Double click on the first clip where it's placed in the main movie, choose
the "definition" tab and give your movie clip an instance name. When you
want it to start playing, add a keyframe in the movie, double click on the
keyframe itself. You'll get a dialogue box called "frame properties" - click
on the actions tab, hold down the "+" symbol and choose "tell target" - type
your instance name into the "target" box and choose "play". You can either
repeat this for each movie clip, or (since you want them to play in order)
provide the tell target for the next clip in the last frame of each clip (in
the same manner). Alternatively :) remove the stop action from the first
frame of the clip and instead put it on the last frame of the clip (so it
stops when it's done). The clips will automatically play when you place them
in the movie, but you need to leave enough frames between each one to allow
one to finish before the next starts (or they'll play over top of each

hth :)

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