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Subject: Re: FLASH: will flash do this?
From: manish kori
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2000 18:55:59 GMT

Its really simple.
Make a new layer for the wav file; call it 'music layer' or something.
Define a new keyframe from where you want to begin playing the wav file. As
the wav file plays you can have some animation playing but that's not
Make sure you have loop parameter for music as '1'. Lets say your music
plays across 100 frames. At frame #101 define another keyframe with the
following actionscript:
get url="any_filename_that_you_want_to_be_opened.any_valid_extension"
In the window option say "blank".

Hoping for the lurker to actively participate...
manish kori
manish_koriathotmail [dot] com

>Hello All,
>I'm a lurker, haven't had the time to dig in and try much yet, but was
>recently asked,
>and I would guess that flash can do this? If so, does anyone know how to do
>it / can do it?
>".... know of a script that will play a wav file, then open another window?
>can contact Lon at <lonthomasathome [dot] com>
>Thanks, hoping to learn how soon, Roxy

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