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Subject: Re: FLASH: Reality check re *Flash 4 Magic* file?
From: Richard McLean
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2000 21:05:57 GMT

>> AFAIK, Apple signed a deal with IBM to allow them to help produce the
>> chips, due to a fear that Motorola wouldn't be able to produce enough,
>> but they should be the same chips and both companies continue to
>> produce them. I hope this is true :) Anyway, that's what I heard several
>> months ago.
>Even one "month ago" is kinda old these days, nicht wahr? :-)
>See http://www.appleinsider.com

You can't believe everything you read you know. :-)

AFAIK, Apple and Motorola are getting IBM to help out with the 500MHz
G4 production while Mot work out a Altivec related bug that showed up
when they went over 500. They're also testing 780MHz chips that
aren't real far away. IBM are working with a different fab, but I
don't think AIM is on the rocks like you seem to be possibly

Would you rather Apple have shipped them and then recalled like Intel
did with the Pentium? Patience is key, the dual-core G4 monsters will

kind regards,
Richard McLean

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  Re: FLASH: Reality check re *Flash 4 Mag, unique

  Re: FLASH: Reality check re *Flash 4 Mag, unique

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