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Subject: Re: FLASH: Reality check re *Flash 4 Magic* file?
From: Laura Mollett
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2000 21:26:59 GMT

> Even one "month ago" is kinda old these days, nicht wahr? :-)
> See http://www.appleinsider.com
Certainly can be... why I mentioned the date for my info :) But is there
something on this site that says there's a difference between the chips
produced by ibm and those produced by motorola? I can't find it (or
understand it, depending :). The top thing on that G4 roadmap is this
"sawtooth" thing and the specs on it say "400, 450, 500MHz Single Cored
Mot/IBM G4 Processors" - that sounds like the same thing to me? Everything
else I see sounds like Motorola develops the chips and then IBM is licensed
to produce them, which is how I thought it worked. That's a rumor site, but
I'm afraid I'm somehow missing the rumor you're talking about :)

> Have you actually compared the allocation needs between 4 and 4.0a? So far
> I've found the difference to be less than a 5% increase, not a big price to
> pay.

I think you're missing my point. The comment was somewhat wry (with a wink),
but better memory management should indicate a *decrease* in needed memory,
not an increase, wouldn't you think? :) It may be "only 5%" but 5% is more,
not less :) I consider photoshop a hog, but I have photoshop 4 (I don't have
5) set to 20 megs and very seldom run into memory problems with it (unless I
have flash open too ;) and when I do, it never crashes, locks-up and/or
fails to reopen a previously saved file :) Occasionally it'll tell me it
doesn't have enough memory to use a filter or a plug-in. Oh and it never
greys out the menus and tells me I can't save, like flash does. My photoshop
files are certainly as large, if not larger, than the flash files. And I
have flash set to *40 megs*... and had to set it UP for 4.0a... that's
ridiculous :) Admittedly I'll be happy if it doesn't crash and burn my files
anymore so I can quit saving under a new name every half hour and filling up
my harddrive with back-ups I'm afraid to throw away for fear flash won't
open something anymore - which was my biggest concern and 4.0a apparently
fixes (corrupting it's own files is major ridiculous) - but I really think
the program doesn't run well, and it sure doesn't seem like the fix really
makes the memory management much better? Unless I'm missing something major
here that you've noticed?

> When Flash finds slightly less memory available than it wants, it opens, but
> gives me a message that something about MRJ (Generator-related) files not
> loading. Why not just a "make more RAM available" message? Same question
> regarding crashes and freezes and endless loops when it can't open a too-big
> file ... Flash is clearly *not* handling too-large files properly.

And this is my point :) Oh and "some frames will be depicted as grey" - uh
that's useless, and the program won't do anything anymore when it does that
(it gives you an "unknown error" when you try to copy and paste or
something) And why is a 1.7 meg file "too large"? That's obviously not
uncommon, especially if one is importing bitmaps/picts (as recommended) and
wavs/aiffs (as required) - if the flash 4 magic samples are any indication,
my files are on the small side :) Sure, a pretty straight business site
(I've done several of these, no insult intended) can be small, but something
like Arcane or heavy music sites, or various and sundry other things are
just going to take larger initial flash files (then hopefully the swf's get
real small ;) and we need to be able to work with them, yes? Admittedly my
machine isn't current top of the line, but still, it's hardly the typical
"home computer" either and I'm not the only one having problems :)


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  Re: FLASH: Reality check re *Flash 4 Mag, unique

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