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Subject: FLASH: Philosophy of values
From: Cheri Harder
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2000 03:36:27 GMT

If one were to bid a job that needed to use collision detection, lots of
drag and drop, tell targets to the drop targets, "bounce/angle" such as the
pong game, including slowing down the bounce over time, work-around so mc on
a mask layer can be "dragged", load movies into a moveable movie clip, the
"horizontal scrolling bar that changes direction & speed based on mouse
movement that Branden showed us" trick, plus zoom of various targets....and
one had figured out (guesstimated) that it would be about a 100 hour
project...and THEN the client says they want this to be a template, so that
they can plug in their own "subjects"... assuming one were capable of
figuring out how to make everything into "arrays" and variables that could
be replaced with different sizes and shapes of graphical pieces by the

What percentage "mark-up" of the base price would be acceptable in the
client community (a large, knowledgeable company) for the fact that they
would be buying all rights to the project? Do I double the price? Just add
a couple hours? Am not knowing at all....and I really hate appearing naive,
even when I am.

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