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From: Sarah Lamont
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 14:35:35 GMT


Well... let's see.
First of all, if the stop action in each of the movie clips in in the
first frame, they will never play. The stop action should be in the last
frame of each movie clip, make sure that it is there.
Secondly, it sounds as if the way your movie is set up (your main
movie), that it is only 3 frames long. This may be the reason you see
nothing when it is published, it may run so quickly that you see
nothing. The main movie does not stay put while a movie clip on the
stage plays through. Do you know what I mean? You must count the number
frames in each movie clip and then arrange them on the main timeline
respectively. (There is another way you could make each of the movie
clips play one at a time by putting them all on the first frame and
using tell target with variables... but I wouldn't try to figure that
out yet til you have mastered the basics of flash)
Take your time and go through what you've done again, and I'm sure
you'll get the hang of flash in no time. :]
I hope I helped!


josh teplow wrote:
> I was wondering if you could help me with an infuriating problem. I just
> bought flash and even technical support will not give me the time of day.
> I just opened the Flash package, learned to create symbols and have created
> movie clips with those symbols. Each movie has a stop action as part of the
> individual movie clip. Everything is in the library. I have taken those
> movie clips and put them on separate layers within the main scene (scene 1)
> I merely want each movie clip to play in order, first one then movie clip
> two and onto clip3. I have put each clip in one keyframe--movie clip 1 in
> keyframe 1, movie clip 2 in keyframe 2 etc... When I test the movie nothing
> happens. I have attached the flash file to this email. I have obviously
> missed an important principle. Could anyone please help me get started?

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