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Subject: FLASH: LoadVariables with ASP
From: Linda Miller
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 22:15:38 GMT

I have a number of Flash movies where I load variables from a text file, and consequently have a lot of text files. I am in the process of upgrading this by moving to an Access database using OLE DSNless connections and ASP. I have found that I cannot LoadVariables from the ASP file. All documentation I have found says you can LoadVariables from either a text file or CGI. Since CGI was mentioned, I lept to the conclusion that ASP would work as well, but I sure can't get it to work at all.

When I attempt to LoadVariables from an ASP (in a hidden browser window) it appears to be partially working, in that the asp page opens in the correct window (I am showing the window for debugging purposes) and runs properly, but my variables in Flash are still blank!!! What am I doing wrong? How is is so differant that getting the value from a text file or CGI? I don't know CGI at all, nor do I have the time to learn it. I am highly invested in my ASP database scripting.

I know I could have ASP write a text file that Flash could read, but that is a housekeeping nightmare, and too much disk io. I have no problems passing parameters from Flash to ASP - it seems to be the other way that's doesn't work at all.


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