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Subject: Re: [flasher] Re: Nielsen on Flash; not bad actually
From: Jordan L. Chilcott
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 23:27:46 -0000

Then he'd probably get bashed just for being Jakob. Unfortunately, his
statement below is very valid (I think that a few others would agree with
me). Many are merely showing off with Flash and not communicating with it.

We are having a similar thread on Dreamweaver, all because Tom G. answered
to a site check call and said plain and simple, "I don't get it!".


on 1/26/01 12:13 AM, Kristopher Wainwright at wainwrightkatyahoo [dot] com wrote:

> Laughing ....
> I can, for some strange reason, foresee alot of Jakob
> Bashing again .... lol.
> Kris Sends .....
> --- Gahlord Dewald <gahlordatweedsmedia [dot] com> wrote:
>> I thought you might all get a kick out of this. I'm
>> still drinking out of my
>> fuck->jakob_nielsen mug, mind you. But here's a
>> quick bit from the standard:
>> ====== Forwarded Message ======
>> Date: 1/24/01 5:03 PM
>> Received: 1/24/01 7:04 PM
>> From: TheStandard.com
>> <thestandards_buildatreply [dot] thestandard [dot] com>
>> To: gahlordatweedsmedia [dot] com
>> TIS: One of the things you've said is that 99
>> percent of the time
>> Flash is bad. But how do you differentiate between
>> Flash as content
>> and Flash in design?
>> JN: I think the question is, Do you have content
>> that lends itself
>> well to an animated presentation? And often there
>> is. Customer service
>> would be a good example if you're showing someone
>> how to repair some
>> equipment. Unfortunately, this is theoretical. Right
>> now, Flash is
>> very rarely being used to actually communicate
>> things. It's more used
>> for showing off. Instead, you should animate some
>> movement, or
>> something that actually shows a change.
>> ====== End Forwarded Message ======
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