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Subject: Tell Target and button strangeness
From: Phil Matt
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2001 04:07:01 -0000

I originally asked:

> > Problem is, a click on any button summons the proper MC frame.
> > However, if the user then clicks on the SAME button, the MC acts
> > strangely: instead of just reloading the same MC frame, it loads a
> > different frame of the same MC! Here's the simple coding:
> >
> > On (Release)
> > Begin Tell Target ("/Pictures")
> > Go to and Play (4)
> > End Tell Target
> > End On
> >
> > Is there a reason why re-clicking the same button would change

And Muzak wrote:

> > Try using frame labels instead of frame numbers
> >
> > Just a quick guess.

Thanks for your note. I tried this, and the behavior is still the same:
the first click goes to the proper MC frame, and subsequent re-clicks
actually cycle between the previous frame and the proper one!

Very odd!

Cheers --- Phil
Phil Matt Photography

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