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Subject: Re: [flasher] Re: 4 or 5?
From: Andrew Le Sage
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2001 04:53:28 -0000

Sorry that was a typo, it should have been use, I was should have put a
smile after that comment as well. I cannot see why your site presents
problems in Netscape, while I am not saying your site is simple by any means
I did not notice anything that was very, very highly complex and I would
expect it to work in Netscape. You have one of the worst problems the people
like us run into, I have had this sort of this since the first time I build
a web page. I do not use Netscape at all and I know I should have it
installed just to check my web pages and Flash movies but I don't and so far
since moving over to mainly working with Flash which was when Flash 4 was
just out I have not had this problem but I have not done that many web sites
in that time as the bulk of my work has been AutoCAD but I have done a few
and used SWF in traditional HTML pages.
I remember the days before DreamWeaver when I wrote all the HTML myself and
in those days I did run both browsers and I found that Netscape was much
less forgiving than I.E., if you missed out an end table data tag the site
would work fine in I.E. but the whole table and hence the whole page would
be screwed up in Netscape. I wonder if the same problem exists with
ShockWave. Your site is complex enough to have a small mistake in your
script somewhere that is not very significant and may not even be a real
mistake but is enough to upset Netscape. I do not know it is just an idea I
cannot really say more as I cannot see the problem.

Good luck I hope you solve the problem, have they got the latest version of
Netscape, I assume they have. You know it would suit me if either Netscape
or MS were to die suddenly and 99% of browsers were all the same, I don't
care which one dies I guess if I had the choice I would kill MS.


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Sent: Saturday, January 27, 2001 4:16 AM
Subject: [flasher] Re: 4 or 5?

> I'm not exactly sure what you were trying to say here ("tell your client
> you [use?] I.E. 5"), but my client wants it to work on these browsers if
> can get it.
> -Brian Matthews
> http://www.stonetrek.com
> > Works fine in I.E., tell your client to you I.E. 5
> > > I have a client complaining about how poorly the Flash site I designed
> for
> > > him works in Netscape Navigator 4.7 and Opera 5.02:
> > >
> > > http://www.novalight.net
> > >
> > > There is one problem now with neither Netscape nor Opera recognizing
> > > existence of the FLASH player on the system (it's fine with MS IE).
> > > opening .SWF starburst animation and the .SWF animation on the LINKS
> page
> > do
> > > not display on those browsers. Plus, the site doesn't seem to scale in
> NN.
> > >
> > > Any ideas? Would upgrading the site to Flash 5 help any of this?
> > > Seems like I've heard all this before... ;-)
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