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Subject: Need help on extreme preloading.
From: Ujvryatmail [dot] chinwag [dot] com, Bla Istvn
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2001 18:44:21 -0000

Hi flashers!

Please read on as this is not the usual 'how to make a preloader' kind of mail, and I need help on this thing for I
have a deadline coming in a few days. :)

We are working on a flash game (I'll show you after we reach a state where you can join in). To keep it short.
We use 3 swf files for the game from which 1 is the main movie file and the other two have only exported symbols.
(This is because the main movie contains most of the code and the other two contain the graphics.)
Now the problem is, that the main movie file is only 60k and after the main movie's preloader finishes with the 60k
we get a blank screen while the other swf's load. That hurts for the other files are over 400k in size and it takes
time to download.

I tried to create a preloader to the start of each swf-s, and load them from the main mc with loadmovie (but not really
using them) this way getting a series of preloaders. **This included creating keyframes for every symbol in the other
swf's so that the preloader could count the percentage. I got into a bit of trouble here for I could not tell the main
mc to wait for the others to preload.

One other problem the I encoutered is that when I put an exported graphic to the stage (for the preloader to be able
to count**) in the swf that the symbol is originally in (the one the symbol is exported from) then tha actual symbol will
not show up in the main movie where it is imported to.

Now that's all! :) Pretty please with sugar on top: HELP!

All comments welcome!


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