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Subject: RE: [flasher] Re: load movie on top
From: Suzanne Harmon
Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2001 20:44:47 -0000

Thanks so much for your reply. However, I have tried both methods. The
first, loading the movie into level 1 works fine except I cannot control
it's position on the stage. Using the second method, loading a movie clip
instance, replaces the main movie. What am I doing wrong?

Suzanne Harmon

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Subject: [flasher] Re: load movie on top

You have to load it in a higher level. The main movie is _level0 - when you
load another movie in that level, it replaces the main
You can set that in the loadmovie parameters in the actionscript window.
This will load a movie into _level1:

loadMovieNum ("your-movie.swf", 1);

You can also load an external movie in a target Movieclip. Instead of the
level, you then use the movieclips instance name (in this
case: target_mc) as the target.

loadMovie ("your-movie.swf", "target_mc");


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