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Subject: [flasher] Vacation messages
From: Sam Michel
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2001 11:22:57 -0000

Hi All,

Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Agreed this can create horrible mail loops, particularly if the person whose
email is bouncing is on the individual message version of flasher. I've put
in place a filter, which will trap 'out of office' messages and similar.

Please bear with us while we fine tune this, hopefully it'll zap annoying
auto responses.

If you're one of the culprits, you'll be glad to know that it's unlikely to
be your fault. This happens because email systems aren't correctly set-up.
It's worth having a word with your system administrator if this is
happening, because it'll affect all mailing lists you're subscribed to. It
happens because your email system is ignoring the proper return address for
errors...I'll spare you the detailed technical gubbins.

As always, problems/comments to helpatchinwag [dot] com.

Toodle Pip


P.S. The list should be a fair bit quicker now.
Sam Michel, Chinwag - Internet Community
e: samatchinwag [dot] com http://www.chinwag.com
t: 0870 730 7313 f: 0870 730 7312

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> From: David Wallach (by way of List Check <list-checkatchinwag [dot] com>)
> [davidatwallach [dot] is (mailto:davidatwallach [dot] is)]
> Sent: 29 January 2001 11:06
> To: samatchinwag [dot] com
> Subject: [flasher] Re: flasher digest: January 26, 2001
> Auto reply + forgetting to remove oneself from list= NIGHTMARE!!!
> > From: Meagan Tudge <meaganatprospectmsl [dot] com>
> > Reply-To: "flasher" <flasheratlists [dot] chinwag [dot] com>
> > Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2001 10:20:56 +0000
> > To: flasher from chinwag <flasheratlists [dot] chinwag [dot] com>
> > Subject: [flasher] Re: flasher digest: January 26, 2001
> >
> > I am out of the office until 5th Feb 2001.

[Sam says: rest of message zapped...]

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