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Subject: Re: [flasher] =?Windows-1252?B?UkU6IFtmbGFzaGVyXSAqu7u7u7sgQ0hFQ0sgU0lURSwgUExFQVNFIaur?= =?Windows-1252?B?q6urq6sq?=
From: Peggi & Ben Rodgers
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2001 19:38:58 -0000


I had to try twice but the second time got through. The preloader loaded
within a good span of time, but after 10 minutes the site was only slightly
more that 75% loaded (according to your loading bar). I didn't have enough
time to wait for the full load (sorry). Windows 98 over a 56k modem at 48
bps, IE 5.5.


At 06:16 PM 1/29/01 +0100, you wrote:

>)) Please, chek the site 100% Flash that I built to CONEST Brazilian
>)) Enterprise of Statistic.
>)) The address is: http://www.conest.com.br
> The Chinwag site carries a wealth of Flash resources.
> Find useful links, suggested reading and archives at:
> ** http://www.chinwag.com/flasher **
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Peggi Rodgers
Flash Programmer
Tide Pool Enterprises
Pacific Grove, CA
prodgersattide-pool [dot] com

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