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Subject: Re: FLASH: ASP/Flash database search demo
From: james
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 1999 20:37:16 +0100

--- "Russell E. Unger" <rungeratzaxcoms [dot] com> wrote:
> This worked nicely, but it was very slow for
> me...and I've got a T1, p2/350 128
> megs of RAM running NS 4.5.
> --------
It was slow for me as well, I think it's because of
the use of an Access database and multiple users
hitting it at the same time. I'll port it to SQL now
that I've got the basics working.

> Your MIME is not set. For more info see:
> http://www.FlashCentral.com/Tech/Server/index.htm
> ---------
Didn't think so... thanks for the heads up and taking
the time to review.

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