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Subject: Re: FLASH: Explorer 4.5 mac
From: Yann
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 1999 21:31:13 +0100

>I'm finishing a site and the client is telling me that when she views it
>in IE 4.5 Mac the bottom part is cut off, even if she resizes the window
>(the flash is being shifted down). I don't get this problem so I'm
>having a hard time figuring out what it could be. If anybody has any
>idea I would greatly appreciate.


Just to let you know, Macromedia does't suggest the use of IE 4.5 for Mac, it has a lot of bug and most of the time the flash site will not appear correctly in them. The problem has been fix with the latest IE I think (never heard of any complaints yet). The only thing you can do isx put a warning for IE 4.5 user that they might encounter problem, theirs not much else you can do.


P.S. Ça fait plaisir d'attendre parler d'un Québecois qui fait du flash :-)

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