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Subject: Re: FLASH: stop/start MP3 streaming
From: Alexander Frewin
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 15:13:15 +0100

Hi All

I'm creating an English language site (for a charity - it's free!) and I'm
considering the options for including audio content in the course.

I want to use Flash 4 to stream MP3 audio, but need to add 'start', 'stop'
and possibly 'pause' buttons within the movie for the user to control the
sound. Yes, I know this is a FAQ, but all the info I've found relates only
to Flash 3 audio, specifically non-streamed audio.

Can anyone point me to some info re. controlling an MP3 audio stream within


Alexander Frewin

PS. My initial choice for streaming spoken audio was RealAudio, but it
really (sic) seems to require so much more effort than Flash (.png files,
text links to the source file, etc.) RealAudio's only advantage is its
built in controller - no need to make 'play' buttons!

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