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Subject: Re: FLASH: Explorer 4.5 mac (attn: jd)
From: John Dowdell
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 21:40:13 +0100

At 6:06 PM 7/29/99, Colin Moock wrote:
> in all the tests i've done, mac ie 4.5 has added an unexplainable
> and unpreventable gap above flash movies....
> http://www.moock.org/gwen/

I don't have that browser on this Mac myself, but one of my partners does.
I went to your site and, once I went around that JavaScript problems that
browser has with plugin detection, saw that there was a border around the

This border was particularly pronounced on the left side, where that
browser inserts little tabs for going to other places.

I tried to crosscheck to some full-page photographs to see how it handled
that task, but then IE4.5/Mac crashed with a bus error, so I came back to
my own cube to type.

If IE4.5/Mac adds a border than IE4/Mac did not have, and if this is of
signficant interest to you, then you might wish to see which behavior the
upcoming IE5/Mac, now in beta, follows. Submitting a report to Microsoft
about changed functionality would be the most direct route forward,
particularly as they're working on a near-term release.

You might also wish to drop a note to wish-flash, saying "Look at
http://www.moock.org/gwen/ in IE4/Mac and IE4.5/Mac... any way you can
change the latter's new borders from within the plugin?". The Flash team
recently finished a development cycle, though... the MS path seems more

(It may also be useful to scan the regular web-discussion resources about
handling IE4.5/Mac differences... I haven't tracked this myself, but I do
know that people have found differences there with various types of
content. This may just be a special-case of a more general situation in
that browser.)


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