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Subject: FLASH: SWF to SCR (screensave)?
From: james
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 22:17:57 +0100

I'm finding many different tools for taking your flash
project (exe) file to a screen saver and/or
installation/setup. Most are expensive, others have
undesirable screens like not registered, or the
company logo, etc.

But, is there something that just takes your SWF file
and Saves it as an SCR file? From there I can just
send that SCR file to users, tell them where to place
it, and it will now show up in their screen saver

It just seems like I shouldn't have to spend a couple
hundred dollars to create an SCR from an SWF. Sure, I
can see the benefit of the nice install package, but
right now I don't need all that.


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  Re: FLASH: SWF to SCR (screensave)?, Warren 'The Howdy Man' Oc

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