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Subject: Re: FLASH: import movie sequences
From: Marc Hoffman (Dart Frog Media)
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 23:31:27 +0100

At 12:11 PM 7/30/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Does anyone know how I can transfer a 5 second video clip into individual
>then transfer to vector then imported to flash to give a vector animation in
>flash. I just wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions of what format I
>should have the video transfered into...and how I can export it into
>image sequences.

Hi Hiro,
Here is a message I saved from Jim Antonopoulos, who apparently has a
successful routine for doing this:
From: "Jim Antonopoulos :: Creative Access ::" <jimatcreativeaccess [dot] com [dot] au>. . .

I actually had to capture some video - saved sections of it as .flm (film
strip) and imported that into photoshop.
Gettting a clean black and white effect could be done in two ways.... either
with kpt 5's 'smoothie' filter ... or adjust threshold in photoshop until it
smoothes out to a nice b&w look.

I did this to the entire film strip and exported back out and into premiere

I believe the next step would be to convert to vector using Adobe Streamline or
possibly autotrace in Flash or Freehand.

I doubt you'll want to convert every frame, as that would result in 150 images!

Another possibility is to drop the video and Flash into Director 7, using
Director as the shell.

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  FLASH: import movie sequences, Hiroshi_Nakahara

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