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Subject: RE: FLASH: SWF to SCR (screensave)?
From: James
Date: Sat, 31 Jul 1999 01:39:38 +0100

Cool, but would each person who wants to install/use this .SCR have to have your little utility?

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From: Markus Gut [SMTP:ml-markusgutatbluewin [dot] ch]
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Subject: Re: FLASH: SWF to SCR (screensave)?

> > I double-click the renamed .scr file and it says:
> >
> > "an error occured while attempting to open the URL
> > http:///S"
> >
> > with an ok button... then nothing. Weird....
> That *is* weird. Try saving it as FL3 and then use a FL3
> Maybe it's some odd bug... or new functionality...

That's nothing to do with Flash. When Windows executes a
screensaver, it passes /s as parameter. This causes the projector
to try to open /s as a URL.

I've wrote a simple program which will call another one. E.g. if
my proggie is called flash.src, it'll execute flash.exe. If it's
called whatever.src, it'll execute whatever.exe. That way you can
copy both, the projector and my program, into the system
directory. The filename of my proggie will be listed with the
other screensavers. If it is executed, it'll execute the Flash
projector without any parameters.


Note: This software is provided "as-is" without any warranty. I'm
not responsible for anything =)


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  Re: FLASH: SWF to SCR (screensave)?, Markus Gut

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