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Subject: Re: FLASH: David Gary, others, and the issues of time [OT]
From: Laura Mollett
Date: Sat, 31 Jul 1999 01:41:25 +0100

> today, DG sent a piece of mail at least two hours ahead of his own time
> zone, and it just now faded down a couple of notches, until then, living
> at the top of a date-sorted folder until "time caught up with it".
> Several people do this as well,and I've even received mail (not on this
> list) from more than a year in the future. Pretty amazing.

My friend is ahead of time because he's on mountain time and Arizona doesn't
recognize daylight savings time. Arizona is weird. His msgs always end up on
top of lists waiting for 'time to catch up'. Most time stamps are put on by
people's servers, not the people themselves and lots of ISPs are just
strange. I set my home computer 1/2 hour ahead trying to fool myself into
showing up places on time, but I'm usually down in time stamp ordered lists.
My ISP or something.


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