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Subject: RE: FLASH: Is anyone getting this? (OT)
From: doctor
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 1999 07:03:29 GMT

> what is "winmail.dat" which came attached to your post?

When a MS Outlook user creates an email message with rich text formatting
(bold, italics, alignment) and sends it to another Microsoft Exchange or
MAPI-style client, this message is converted from pure text into an
attachment called "winmail.dat". The MS client receiving the message
converts and displays the file as if the text contents were formatted and
this process is invisible from MS client to MS client.

When this person sends mail to a non-Outlook user or a mailing list the
attachment is exposed. Netscape mail and Eudora will not politely convert
and display the attachment.

The solution: "Right-click the e-mail address and select 'Properties'.
Clear the 'Always send to this recipient in Microsoft Exchange rich-text
format' check box, and click 'OK'."

That's according to


It's a similar situation for people sending HTML formatted email to a list
of mixed clients. Those who cannot display it get either an attachment or
HTML/garbage in the message body.

Like the .vcf virtual business card attachments, it's generally considered
improper to send mail to lists with attachments and some lists even flatly
block all messages with attachments or HTML formatting to spare the list
owners having to answer questions about attachments and garbled text.

But in the business world attaching your .vcf is like giving out your
business card without wasting screen space on a five line .sig. And once you
tell your email software to automatically attach the .vcf, it's a pain to
say "but not for my Flash list."

-- Dr. Frankensite

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  Re: FLASH: Is anyone getting this? (OT), Bob Schwartz

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