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Subject: RE: FLASH: loading movie
From: Phillip Kerman
Date: Sun, 26 Nov 2000 14:35:04 GMT

When you load movie into a level the top left corner of the loaded move
aligns with the top left corner of the host movie. When you load into a
target (that is, into a clip instance) the top left corner of the loaded
movie aligns with the center point of the clip.

Additionally, you can move a loaded movie with:
(assuming the clip you're targeting's instance name is "clipInstanceName")

Alternatively, if you're loading into levels use:
(assuming the level you're loading into is 1)

This is covered in detail in chapter 18 of my book "Sams Teach Yourself
Macromedia Flash 5 in 24 Hours". Four sample chapters (possibly including
this chapter) will be available as a free download from my site shortly:


> I have a question about loading a new flashmovie over another flashmovie.
> Is it possible to give a possition to second flash movie (maybe with
> coordinates).
> For example.
> -I have create movie1 400x400 pixels
> -Now I have movie2 100x100 pixels
> -So I use Level 1, so that you still see the other movie, but is
> it possible
> to give an exact location for that movie, let say's x-coordinate=200
> y-coordinate=250?

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  FLASH: loading movie, Samiech Alloush

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