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Subject: RE: FLASH: loading movie into movie clip
From: Phillip Kerman
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 02:19:34 GMT

> a) I understand that to load a SWF into a movie clip instance I should use
> the Target option and not Level. But I cannot ever view the SWF in my test
> movie if I choose Target. The only way to get the SWF to show up is to
> choose Level 1 as my option. The code I tried was: Load Movie
> ("01_wwfullpage.swf", "mc_01_wwfullpage", with no results. The SWF didn't
> show up at all in my test movie.
> Why doesn't the Target option work in this case?

My guess is you have yet to name the instance you're intending to replace.
Not the name in the library--but the instance name. (Double-click the
instance and select the Definition tab--then type a name in the "Instance
Name" field.) If the "Target Editor" option doesn't reveal an instance you
plan to replace (of slideShow) then you haven't named it yet--or it isn't
present in the current frame/timeline. You can still do it even if the
target editor doesn't show any clips--you'll just need to write a path to
the clip (but that's only if the clip you're targeting is in another

> b) When I choose Level 1 and get the SWF to finally play in my test movie,
> it stays up in the upper right corner no matter what. I have tried Set
> Property below my Load command to change the X and Y positions. I
> have tried
> it with a target of "mc_01_wwfullpage" (the movie clip that contains the
> SWF) and for "01_wwfullpage.swf" (the SWF itself), but nothing
> will get that
> damned swf to change position...it just hangs up there in the upper right
> where it does me no good. How can I move my SWF to where I need it to be?

You should be able to set property _x or _y and just target the clip
instance or level number:
Set Property ("someClip", X Position) = 100
Set Property ("_level1", X Position) = 100


> If anyone can help me with any of these three problems (probably they are
> inter-related somehow), I will be eternally grateful. Of course I
> could just
> go back and put the original images directly into the frames and
> forget all
> this, but I want the images to load on demand and not all at the
> beginning.
> Am I going about this all wrong?

I'm not clear what the third problem was--probably will be fixed when you
resolve the first two. To pay me back--buy my book "Sams Teach Yourself
Macromedia Flash 5 in 24 Hours". To pay yourself back, start using Flash 5!


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  FLASH: loading movie into movie clip, Laura Hamilton

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