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Subject: FLASH: Deleting unused items from the Library?
From: Rebecca Lovelace
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 19:57:08 GMT

I have some button art that wasn't properly optimized and someone gave me a
new movie with new button art. The problem is that if I try to paste their
button art over mine, it is still refering to the same graphic elements (non
optimized). I tried deleting my buttons off the timeline and selecting
unused items in the library. The problem is that it didn't think the
buttons were unused (it may have something to do with them being in a movie
clip) and it didn't select them.
I don't like the idea of just deleting things in my Library if it tells me
they are not unused (the thought makes me nervous, perhaps they are re-used
somewhere) but I can't figure out another way to replace my buttons.

So here are my questions:
1) Is it safe to delete an item from the Library that it doesn't tell you is
unused? What happens if it is really used somewhere? Does the art just go
away or does it fill in the void with something else (Director used to do
this...you could end up with scripts in graphical channels and all kinds of
nasty things would happen).

2) WHY aren't my unused items showing up as unused? Bug? By design? Is
there a way to force them?

3) Why does pasting from one movie into another still refer to existing
symbols in the other movie?

I would love answers to any or all of these questions.


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