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Subject: Re: FLASH: linux installation problem
From: John Dowdell
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 21:43:48 GMT

At 3:10 AM 11/28/0, brownhathartford-hwp [dot] com wrote:
>> Try the one-or-all-sites test... if one particular site fails, then its
>> JavaScript may note permitting your setup, for instance.
>> (If no site ever works then you would know to look at the config instead.)
>Sorry again for newbie puzzlement. What is the "one-or-all-sites"
>test? It's becoming evident that a person exploring Flash really needs
>to have set of URLs to see of what it is capable.

The "one-or-all" tests are typed up a couple of times each week here... if
a problem occurs in all situations, then that's different than if it only
occurs in some situations. If it happens regardless of browser you know
it's not a browser issue, if it happens regardless of site you know it's
not a site issue, if it happens regardless of SWF you know it's not a SWF
issue... changing one part of the problem at a time lets you find out what
the actual problem is.

When you install the Player there's a test page right there to see if
things went normally.

>I did visit a site on which at least the visual aspect of Flash seems
>to work nicely, but on the first one I had to pull up the context menu
>to trigger a Play for each segment. Your statement seems to infer that
>the reason may be an incompatibility between that site's Javascript
>and my own "setup." I assume "setup" here refers to my version of
>Netscape and its configuration.

Sorry, not sure what may be intended to be asked here.

>Would you happen know that status of a Flash 5 player for Linux?

No change from last week... current version is 4 and I haven't seen an
estimated date published yet. Info I have is what's on the website, sorry.


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