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Subject: RE: FLASH: Deleting unused items from the Library?
From: Rebecca Lovelace
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 22:01:38 GMT

John, somebody has to tell the computer how to think in the first place, so
there has to be reasoning SOMEWHERE! :)

If you are getting involved in this thread, can you confirm whether it is
safe to delete something that Flash isn't telling you is unused (as I said
before, this used to be VERY DANGEROUS in early versions of Director on the
PC, score slots would keep references to non-existent cast members and this
could cause crashes)?

Maybe I've just been using MM products too long....I'm too paranoid.

Thanks for any more info,


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Subject: RE: FLASH: Deleting unused items from the Library?

At 1:07 PM 11/28/0, Rebecca Lovelace wrote:
>The question is why does it think the button is used? I'd love to know the
>reasoning behind this. Morbid curiousity, I guess.

It's just a computer... manipulates bits. It can't think very well.

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  RE: FLASH: Deleting unused items from th, JGL

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