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Subject: RE: FLASH: Deleting unused items from the Library?
From: JGL
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 22:43:28 GMT

Suggestions . . . save as, delete unused symbols, then test, if having
unused symbols in your library is a problem. I maintain a SL of
unused/abandoned symbols in my .flas. Never causes me any problems. Every
now then I like to do some housekeeping, but that isn't the norm ;)

If wanting to use Flash authoring . . . use a pc. Not to Mac bash here but
I have a new mac here that an intern of mine insisted we purchase for her
and the stability and workflow problems were just too much to handle. She
uses a pc now to run Flash authoring. That 'pc from Mac' learning curve
appeared easier/quicker for her to digest than to continue to try and
stablize the Mac/Flash combo. And we tried. And we used our free tech call
to MM. Then we just gave up . . .

Macs and Flash problems may very well be a Mac problem, but it exists and
too much time trying to get software to quit locking up is unjustified when
I know how to make it run properly on a pc.

Now, my experience with Flash symbols is that they really only contain what
you put in them and nothing else. So if you delete a symbol (that you know
is not being used) you should have no problems.

Have you tried the save as routine? Have you tried selecting unused symbols
more than once? I do and invariably I get more 'unused symbols'

I personally think the 'select unused symbols' feature is not accurate.
Whether it's a bug or not . . . I don't know. I just work around it and
don't rely on it entirely.

Yes, I am a disadvantaged F4 user and can't really comment on F5. The
workflow and requirements of current and future projects don't justify
purchasing F5 and using it with the potential problems that new software
presents . . . ;) The F5 player was enough frustration, but all appears good
on that front now.

The Mac/Flash delemma was F5 BTW . . .


-----Original Message-----
John, somebody has to tell the computer how to think in the first place, so
there has to be reasoning SOMEWHERE! :)

If you are getting involved in this thread, can you confirm whether it is
safe to delete something that Flash isn't telling you is unused (as I said
before, this used to be VERY DANGEROUS in early versions of Director on the
PC, score slots would keep references to non-existent cast members and this
could cause crashes)?

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  RE: FLASH: Deleting unused items from th, Rebecca Lovelace

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