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Subject: Re: FLASH: Please test my game?! Flasherman
From: Helen Triolo
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2000 02:33:04 GMT


Your little guy is oh so cute, and I am oh so bad at that kind of game.
I could make him jump up and grab a couple of those blue things and I'm
pretty sure I didn't find anything technically wrong with it (looked
pretty darn good in fact: WinNT, Netscape), but the poor little guy
ended up trapped in the razor pit and I had to quit. From musicals to
action games -- what will you do next? ;-)

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Glen Rhodes wrote:
> Hi everyone!! I recently decided to take the plunge into Flash 5, from
> Flash 4, and I've been pleasantly surprised with it's ability!
> For months I've been using the webspace name "Flasherman", so I decided a
> fun thing would be to put that name to use, and create "Flasherman the
> game". I've started developing it, but I'm not sure about system performance
> on various machines, and it's important. Could you take a second and give
> it a try? Much appreciated!!! :)
> http://www.geocities.com/flasherman_1999/flasher.html
> It's just a functionality / technology test, more than it is a test of the
> actual game content. Thank you!! :)
> ------------------
> Glen Rhodes

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  RE: FLASH: Please test my game?! Flasher, Glen Rhodes

  FLASH: Please test my game?! Flasherman, Glen Rhodes

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