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Subject: RE: FLASH:OT teeny fonts (was) small text
From: Blaha, Mark
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 16:03:44 GMT

Do you have Binary? If not, go to http://www.tint.de/i_frame.html

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Subject: RE: FLASH:OT teeny fonts (was) small text


That's a cool font :) (anybody interested can get it at
<http://www.evolutionzone.com/hardwork/fonts/FivePX/> ). There don't seem
to be any downloads of the other Amoeba fonts though. I've got a bit of
a blocky, small font fetish at the moment if you've got links to any
other good 'uns, but maybe we better make this thread OT (or mail me off



101 Distribution wrote on 28 November 2000

> doug..
> i rarely participate in these discussions but noticed your post..
> the best bet is to use a font such as amoeba's FivePX.ttf.
> the thing about
> small fonts,
> is that you'll actually have to create them as transparent
> gifs in photoshop
> and import them into flash,
> otherwise the characters will fill in, which is what i am guessing is
> happening to you..
> let me know if you want more info.. i.e the font itself...
> there are some
> great 7,8,9,10 pt tiny fonts out right now...
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