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Subject: FLASH: Netscape rollovers
From: Scott Rouse
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 16:29:03 GMT

Has anyone encountered problems with Load movie commands in Netscape?

I have a list of several dozen buttons that load an external movie (mymovie.swf) with rollover and unload the movie with rollout. With Internet Explorer this works perfectly in the sense that I can run the mouse very quickly down the list and have all the rollover commands and rollout commands be given, but with Netscape (including 6.0) I run the mouse down and it wants to wait for the movie to load before it will listen to a rollout command. Basically, I can jam the browser with several hundred load movie commands by simply running the mouse up and down the list because the unload movie command is never given (or heard by the browser and Flash). It wants to wait for the movie to load before it will listen to anything else (When I jam it and move the mouse away the hand that appears with rollover sticks arround as well). IE deals with this perfectly and actually stops looking for the rollover movie (None are over 5k) when I rollout.

If you have come accross this what did you do about it? I was going to internalize all the clips just for netscape, but there is well over 100k worth of them and will continually grow.

Thank you

Scott Rouse

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