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Subject: Re: FLASH: Bypassing Intro Question & Site Check
From: Marc Hoffman (Dart Frog Media)
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 07:07:23 +0100

At 03:43 PM 9/29/99 , you wrote:
>Hi all,
>I just put up my first client's site. I would appreciate any feedback please.
>It's all Flash 3 so I apologize that it lacks fireworks.
>I need to find a way to bypass the intro when a surfer returns to the home
>page after visiting an internal link. I have an 'if frame is loaded'
>command and I assumed that if the swf is in cache that it would skip the
>intro and go to the home page.

hi Larry,

this looks Great! Congratulations.

If Frame Is Loaded should work as you describe. Don't put it in the first
frame, however, as it may get skipped over. Pad your movie with just a few
empty frames first.

This is one instance where you apparently don't want to put If Frame Is
Loaded into a loop, since you want either to play the whole intro or else
go to the home page, depending if it's a first-time visitor.


Marc Hoffman

marcatdartfrogmedia [dot] com (mailto:marcatdartfrogmedia [dot] com).
My Flash Portfolio: <http://www.dartfrogmedia.com/sampler>
(featured in Flash 3 Web Animation, by Ken Milburn)

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