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Subject: Re: FLASH: variable FRUSTRATION again
From: Cheri Harder
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 17:51:22 +0100

Hi, Deanna. I have sent you a 2nd mail with attached FLA to show you how to
set up your variables. I would GUESS that somehow you have quotes when you
don't want them or vice versa, or have the variable set to expression when
should be string literal or vice versa, so thought it would help to just
show you one. It also shows the variable reflected in the text box.

~~~~Cheri Harder~~~~~
Advantage Web Solutions
AdvantageWebSolutionsatHome [dot] com (mailto:AdvantageWebSolutionsatHome [dot] com)

> I've tried many combinations and it always does the last thing on the list
> in the "if" statement.

> I'm really confused and frustrated. Please help!!

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  FLASH: variable FRUSTRATION again, Deanna Doelitzsch

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