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Subject: Re: FLASH:Serious dragging malfunction
From: Cheri Harder
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 17:56:56 +0100

Aaron, it would help me to know what "tracker" is. Is it the instance name
of the movie clip with the "large invisible button" inside? And did you
name the instance of your text "text" so the script can set its properties?
I guess what is confusing to me is that you say you want to "control the
movement of a layer" and "I have a document 550 pixels wide" and these are
more like HTML page terms rather than Flash movie terms, so it is a little
confusing to me. I think you want to control the movement of the text,
which needs to be in a movie clip so you can give it an instance name, and
your movie is 550 pixels wide, yes? Another thing I notice is the commands
are all in a "IF tracking=1" statement and I don't see where you have set
tracking to be equal to 1, but maybe that's in another frame & you just
didn't mention it.

I would like to have you use "drag" but am not sure how you would do that
for the "mirrored" effect...

At any rate, this is not an easy script for a non-programmer to understand,
methinks. Or probably someone else could explain it better, but I couldn't
see that you were getting the answers you need, so thought I would try.
Good luck! Maybe if you posted a URL to your FLA we could look at it to
tell more...

~~~~Cheri Harder~~~~~
Advantage Web Solutions
AdvantageWebSolutionsatHome [dot] com (mailto:AdvantageWebSolutionsatHome [dot] com)

> > Hello flashers, I am trying to figure out a way of using mouse movement
> > control the movement of a layer. In the example I set up, I have a line
> > of
> > text that is really long (goes of the canvas both sides) and I want to
> > have
> > this scroll from side to side with respect to the mouse movement. I
> > it
> > to move in a mirrored fashion (so if you move your mouse to the right
> > text scrolls left and vice versa) and I seem to be running into
> > Here is the actionscript that I have set up:
> >
> > If (tracking = 1)
> > Set Variable: "horizcord" = GetProperty ("/tracker";_x)
> > If (horizcord >= 275)
> > Set Property ("/text", X Position) = xmove - 5
> > Set Variable "xmove" = xmove - 5
> > Else If (horizcord > 275)
> > Set Property ("/text", X Position) = xmove + 5
> > Set Variable "xmove" = xmove + 5
> > End If
> > End If
> >
> > The frame before this said:
> > Set Variable: "xmove" = 275
> >
> > What this is I have a document 550 pixels wide, and I am using the
> > point of that document to tell whether the text should be moving left or
> > right. That's why xmove = 275. Now I built this tracker off someone
> > elses
> > help file on flashcentral and I am not sure if there is any easier way
> > build the tracking system. But what it should do is once you pass your
> > mouse over this large invisible button, it somehow starts the tracker
> > going.

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  FW: FLASH:Serious dragging malfunction, Aaron Schurman

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