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Subject: RE: FLASH: shape tweening help?
From: Eric Smollin
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 21:17:09 +0100

>My question this time is about shape tweening.

>I'm trying to tween a word from looking normal to a mangled looking one
>that I created in Illustrator. I'll tell you what I've done: made two
>separate frames on a layer, and one has the normal looking word and the
>other has the mangled one. Neither of them are symbols. But the tween
>didn't show.

>So next I chose Break Apart. But that didn't work either.

>Is there some secret to doing this? Or does it not work for text?

Here's one way you can do it:

You actually have two words, one the before tween and one the after tween.
Make both of these words a symbol (F8).

Place the first word in a keyframe. About 15 frames down in the same layer,
insert another keyframe and choose Modify > Instance from the menu bar (make
sure that the first word is selected when you do this). Under Definition,
double click on the second word.

Go to the first word and break it apart twice, then do the same to the
second word.

Go back to the first keyframe and insert a Shape Tween. That should do it.


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